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    Home renovation is not easy. Even if you have your style and ideas in place (which most of us donai??i??t), finding the right professionals and translating your ideas to reality is a task. US-based Houzz is a platform to help with all such needs, and this month, they launch in India.

    The platform is a one-stop-destination for all home renovation requirements. ai???Our goal was to create a tool that solves the challenges of home renovation and interior decoration. We wanted to make the process fun and productive,ai??? explains Sanjay Nadkarni, India operations manager at Houzz, adding, ai???We have over 4,50,000 app reviews with a five-star average rating.ai??? Their global presence (with offices in Palo Alto, London, Berlin, Sydney, Moscow and Tokyo) and their strong user-base make it a great way to follow international trends and implement them in your own interiors and decor space.

    For example, through their sizable gallery, you can find inspiration and define your own style. Their ai???idea booksai??i?? help you communicate and collaborate with family or professionals. Users can also research and hire architects, contractors and landscapers through Houzz. Another great section, ai???Productsai??i??, allows you to browse products and source them. One can manage entire renovation and design projects from start to finish with the help of Houzz. ai???The discussions tab in particular is a place where homeowners can ask questions and get advice or support from both professionals and other homeowners who have been through the process themselves and are happy to share their experiences,ai??? says Sanjay.

    The platform was founded by the California-based husband-wife duo, Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen. They were having a tough time trying to remodel their home due to lack of resources and inspiration. They realised they were not the only ones facing this problem and decided to launch Houzz. Originally, it started as a website, but subsequently, an app was launched.

    Small changes have been made to make the platform relevant to India. Beyond localising the terms used (utility room instead of laundry, for example), they have also customised the experience to cater to the needs of the industry in India. Different professions and categories were added based on Indian market needs and style.

    Details: houzz.in

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