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Treat your tots to a folktale session with Little Cloud Storytelling by Ranga Shankara

Ranga Shankara brings back Little Cloud Storytelling for kids with a group of new storytellers through skilled artistes, actors and creative minds determined to take the audience back to their childhood.

For tiny tots
The need for a creative cultural interaction for young minds inspired the organisers to launch this initiative. a�?We wanted to involve a spectrum of different age groups so we came up with the idea of storytelling sessions,a�? says Padmavathi Rao, one of the storytellers and the lady behind last yeara��s edition. a�?Listening to stories from grandparents used to be an integral part of childhood, but now kids do not have that luxury. And parents are too busy in the evenings, worrying about getting ready on time for work and getting the kids ready for school the next day, they do not have time for stories either, so we thought wea��d give them that experience,a�? she adds.

Life lessons
The stories, mainly folktales, focus on values like personal strengths and limitations, learning to let go of things that are beyond onea��s control and how to do onea��s best despite circumstances. They range through different topics a�� about peoplea��s attitudes towards life, how they vary from person to person and pursuing non-purposeful goals. a�?People are so goal-oriented. We do not do things unless there is a purpose or unless we can gain something from it. One of the stories describes how doing things without a purpose can also be fruitful sometimes,a�? Rao shares. As mythological stories are common, the group focuses more on folk tales that are rare and seldom heard of. a�?Folk tales have a way of putting unpalatable truths in an acceptable form that is also quite realistic,a�? Rao explains.

Relying on their unique talents and keeping it completely tech- free, the storytellers engage the kids in the sessions through vibrant interaction and by connecting emotionally. a�?We primarily rely on our voices and emotions to tell a story and to make meaningful connections with the children,a�? she says.

Close knit
Restricted to 25 kids per session, Rao says this is to keep the essence of the exercise intact. a�?The reason we have limited the number of seats is because the whole purpose of the event is lost if there are too many kids. With a small number ita��s easier to interact with each child and ita��s easier for them to interact and get comfortable with the storyteller,a�? Rao elaborates.

Apart from Rao, other storytellers include B Jayashree, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Hetal Shah, Kamal Pruthi, Ameen Haque, Sundar Raj, Shylaja, Anuja Ghoshalkar, Chethana and Natasha who will tell stories in Kannada, English and Hindi for 20 minutes with a 10-minute interactive session.

Every weekend till February 28. At JP Nagar. Tickets (Rs 50) on bookmyshow.com or call 26592777

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