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    Lauren Cohan gets candid about the latest season of The Walking Dead

    She plays Maggie, a feisty farm girl, and now Laura Cohan is season fivea��s female lead in The Walking Dead. With her father killed, she has to deal with the undead, but she also has to find her younger half-sister Beth, who mysteriously disappeared. Cohan tell us about her Zombie hunting role, Maggiea��s romance with Glenn and what the season holds.

    Being back in season five.
    The biggest thing is really being together with the whole crew! Life is just on pause until we get to go back our The Walking Dead family.

    Initial reaction to the season.
    To me, ita��s the biggest script wea��ve had yet. It is a complete action movie. This episode is so exciting, so disturbing, and so real. This world is escalating.

    Tell us more about Maggiea��s state of mind.
    You have to live for the moment. Thata��s Maggiea��s MO. Glenn and Maggie really appreciate just being back together, being present and grateful. It warrants hope. In moments of peril and those highest moments of panic, that is when she really grounds herself. That is an important depiction of the Green Family a�� their hope and strength.

    Does she hope Beth is alive?
    She found Glenn and the group. Look in the hopes that you might find, and you will find. Maggie has no reason to think Beth is not alive, so she is not going to entertain that.

    Your favourite aspect of The Walking Dead.
    Ia��m still always amazed at the evolution of the writing, of the show, and of the characters. It feels so fresh all the time.

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