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    A popular cafe that serves up veggie delights that could convert the ardent meat-lover

    Set in and around a quaint homeA�with a dominant stone facade, Green Theory is hard to miss on the narrow yet busy Convent Road. With tables strewn across the front-garden, the once-garage and backyard, it has a relaxed vibe and easy-going ambience. Ideal for the scores of school and college-goers around the area, this well-priced cafe has fast become a popular neighbourhood hangout.
    With a little cobbled stream running through the middle of the garden area, you are led to a set of tables with low-lounge seating, ideal for larger groups. We however, chose to make ourselves comfortable at the wrought-iron garden tables right up front and began an admittedly skeptical journey into their strictly vegetarian global cuisine.

    The veggie trail
    We were started off with Theory Platter and the daya��s special, babycorn cigars. Served with a pink-glaze sauce of mayonnaise and predominantly Tabasco and jalapeno, the platter consisted of corn fingers a�� almost like the deep-fried version of a sweet corn and cheese bake, broccoli rolls a�� gooey mozzarella with chopped-up broccoli in a light fritter, stuffed mushroom crunchies a�� deep-fried spiced mini-patties, crispy vegetables in Schezwan style, and bruschettas made from juicy chunks of tomato doused in a tangy vinaigrette and topped with olives and cheddar. The latest addition to the menu, babycorn cigars, are definitely worth a try with finely chopped babycorn and potato within a thick corn flour jacket.

    Mainly fun
    Pleasantly woken up to the fact that we thoroughly enjoyed our completely vegetarian meal, stuffed as we already were, we soldiered on to the main course. We decided to try their popular special, the Irish Boxty and a new entrant on the menu a�� falafel with hummus and pita. While the Boxty was an instant hit with its crunchy vegetable loaded crepe topped generously with a delicious pepper and mushroom cream sauce, the falafel needed a little bit more fine-tuning for it to hit the spot.

    Delightful treats
    We strongly urge you to make sure you have room for dessert here because it quite literally a�?takes the cakea��. The chilled oreo cheesecake, that has patrons stopping by at closing hour just to get a bite, is sinfully delicious, to say the least. With a dark chocolate biscuit base, the cream cheese filling comes with oreo sprinkles and tastes much like an upgraded version of the popular cookie. The other sweet entrant on the list is the sticky toffee pudding which was a perfect balance of bitter, almost-burnt sugar and syrup-soaked caramel sponge, served with the optional scoop of ice cream.

    The cafe is also popular for tea infusions and beverages that range from refreshing ginger lemonades and watermelon smoothies (served inside a scooped-out watermelon shell), to a wide choice of hot teas and specialty coffees. They also have live performances every Saturday evening, a mini flea market twice a month, as well as a lending library, gaming zone, private dining area and conference room.

    Rs 500++. Off Residency Road. Details: 61435956

    a�� Susanna Chandy


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