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Volta Motorsa�� newest electric bicycle bridges the gap between a cycle and a motorbike

Electric bicycles are the perfect balance between convenience, sustainable technology and sporty looks. They offer all the mad thrills of a cycle sans the sole reliance on pedalling to power the bike. And with speeds limited to 25-32kmph, theya��re safe and dona��t require licences or registration. The e-bicycle thus qualifies as a cheaper alternative to a motorbike rather than a more expensive bicycle. That is how Chennai-based startup Volta Motors is promoting its first offering. The Volta Zap is a a�?crossover electric bike,a�� which is claimed to cost less than 10 paise per kilometre. And because it must fight as a replacement to motorised bikes, the product comes with lightweight construction and a lighter battery pack, this will let riders cycle longer distances. Add to that, with each full rotation of the pedal, the wheel of the cycle rotates three times, offering better mechanical advantage too.

Charge to ride
The Volta Zap also allows users to easily remove, recharge and reinsert the 3kg battery. Features include LED reflectors for night-time riding, integrated facilities for smartphones and customisable body panels and a wide range of colours. Since the bicycle qualifies for government subsidies on electric vehicles, the price would be competitive too. Besides, its makers have emphasised that since the product is completely designed and built in India, it will be able to take on the unique road conditions that India offers. Volta Motors is also offering free test rides on the Zap, which could be booked on the startupa��s website. We dona��t see a reason to wait.
Details: voltamotors.in.

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