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    From pak choi and kale to heart of palm, Aditi Vasu has the answer to all your vegetable woes

    Green Goblin is great news not just to expats, but also the discerning Indian foodie who loves his stir fry as much as his sambar rice. The home-based venture started by Aditi Vasu this January, currently performs the simple task of sourcing exotic vegetables, fruits and herbs that are hard to access, and bringing them closer to you. We say a�?currentlya�� because the Injambakkam-based home engineer, whose customers currently pick up the vegetables from her residence, plans to locate more pick up points around the city, before staring a website, delivery and a physical store too.
    Vasu, whose family lived in Sweden, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing before returning to India, sources the produce from her cousina��s farm, Trikaya, near Mumbai. Started close to 20 years ago, the approximately 200-acre farm grows vegetables like palm heart, leeks, American kale, avocado and Thai brinjal. Among the herbs and greens (including micro greens) are garlic chives and lavender, in addition to a variety of lettuce, edible flowers like nasturtium and calendula, and fruits like dragon fruit and pomelo.
    The produce reaches Chennai in thermocol boxes with ice packs, via train or plane, and Vasu shares that till date, she has been receiving orders for close to 100 kilos of these vegetables per week. With the vegetables ready for pick up on Tuesdays, orders have to be placed by Thursday and customers are already rounding up groups of friends to share orders with. a�?Ia��ve seen their vegetables in Mumbai too and they (Trikaya) are known for their quality. A few of us get a common driver to pick up our orders from Injambakkam,a�? says, Sheetal Parakh, a graphic designer who has placed more than three orders with Vasu. And for those who would like to sample the vegetables before placing orders, we suggest trying the ready-to-eat salads that are also available at Green Goblin.
    Mail your orders to aditi@greengoblinchennai.com

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