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    Hyundaia��s zero-emission car,ix35 runs on hydrogen and emits nothing except water vapour

    CAR sharing and alternative fuels are thefuture of sustainable mobility. Hyundai
    has now gone a step ahead and combinedthe two with the introduction of its ix35
    fuel cell vehicle (FCV) to a car sharingA�service. A fleet of 50 ix35s will be part of
    the car sharing service, BeeZero programme,A�run by the Linde Group in
    Munich, Germany. The ix35 FCV is theA�worlda��s first ever mass-produced fuel cell
    vehicle. Leaving behind only a trail ofA�water vapour from its exhaust, the
    zero emission vehicle can manageA�nearly 600 kilometres on a
    single charge of its two highA�pressure tanks. The KoreanA�car maker claims the car canA�deliver over 105 kilometresA�per kilogram of hydrogen.A�Hyundai is currently sellingA�the FCV in 13 EuropeanA�countries and in South KoreaA�and North America, where itA�is sold as the Tucson. It wasA�also spotted at the Auto Expo in Delhi, butA�the fuel cell powered version may notA�make it to India.

    Nature nurture
    Markus Schrick, CEO of Hyundai MotorA�Germany says, a�?We firmly believe theA�emission-free driving and superior fuelA�efficiency between tank fillings of theA�ix35 will make it an ideal car for theA�BeeZero programme.a�? He further addsA�that the company wanted to bring theA�benefits of fuel cell technology to peopleA�and imply that putting these cars to dailyA�use will give us valuable information toA�improve hydrogen technologies andA�infrastructure.Auto enthusiasts in Munich with a softA�side for the environment can learn more
    about booking rides on ix35 FCVs on thelinde-group.com A�a�� Agrima Joshu @Agrimonious


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