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    EARTH Song, the latest exhibition at Kynkyny Art, unites 20 contemporary artists to reflect upon the environment. Showcasing eco-sensitive mixed media works, the paintings and installations should spark conversations about climate change and recycling, resource deficits and pollution to present a�?a vision of a greener, happier futurea��.
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    Explaining that the team at Kynkyny a�?are committed to sustainability in all formsa�� co-founder and curator Namu Kini says that, a�?We need to re-use, reduce and recycle and rethink the way we live.a�? When curating the show, the Kynkyny team honed in on works that raise important environmental questions. These include collage art, watercolours, mixed media artworks, tempera, acrylic and oil paintings. Collectively the artists a�?conjure up a spectacular universe of folk imagery, abstract caricature, surrealist collages, anthropomorphic beings, haunting landscapes, magic-realist settings and a kaleidoscope of nature overflowing with life, colour and beauty,a�? says Kini.
    Looking forward
    The centerpiece will be an installation by Karnataka-based artist Dhananjaya. Known for working with environmental issues, he generally works with salvaged, non-recyclable material to make a statement about how we interact with our eco-system. Here hea��s chosen to work entirely in natural wood, depicting a mother and child playing with Channapatna toys, a nod to his childhood. a�?My wife and I are preparing for the birth of our first child,a�? says Dhananjaya. a�?We need to preserve our natural and cultural heritage for the future,a�? he elaborates. Also look out for work from Ganapati Hegde, taking ordinary natural objects into the realm of fantasy, and Devdatta Padekara��s sensitive depiction of a treea��s joyous reaction when birds make a home amongst its branches.
    April 10 a�� May 2. At Infantry Road. Details: 40926202
    a��Maegan Dobson Sippy


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