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    Mustard & Cressa�� new additions stay true to organic roots

    It was on a pleasantly chilly evening that we made the long trek across town to the organic cafe, Mustard & Cress, at 153 Biere Street, to sample the new additions to their menu. A mix of Indian, Asian, Mexican, and Italian cuisines with innovative twists, we were glad to find that the locally sourced organic spread made our one-and-a-half-hour journey from the centre of town, through chaotic weekend traffic, worth the trouble. Mustard & Cress is known to source fresh produce except meat and seafood, from organic vendors in the city. We started with Indian-inspired crostini platter, featuring three crostinis a�� capsicum, mushroom, and tomato and potato. We loved the mushroom version. Smack with earthy notes from mushrooms and a hint of pepper, the succulent meatiness was perfectly balanced by the crisply toasted crostini.
    Continuing on the a�?shroom theme, the next dish in was the pan-grilled butter garlic mushroom with a gremolata parmesan crumble. This one proved to be an absolute winner on all counts, from the lightly charred burnt garlic flavour to the refreshing crumble, a mixture of lemon zest, parsley with cheese.
    The delicately seasoned tender corn, coconut and fresh coriander soup was warm and comforting. The creamy, slightly sweet broth was taken to another level by the addition of coriander that introduced some freshness, with a smidgen of chilli flakes and pomace emulsion adding heat.
    For mains, do try the Indian style lamb lasagne. Like any good lasagne, the use of stringy cheese is generous, with the desi twist coming from the bolognese, cooked with kheema masala. We rounded off our meal with mishti doi, red velvet cake and mixed berry trifle served with a blueberry meringue. The mishti doi (Bengali sweetened yoghurt) works beautifully with the red velvet crumble and tart berries.

    `1,200++ for two.
    At Whitefield.
    Details: 9845346932
    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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