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    Take the environmentally conscious route to fashion with Chlorophile

    Chlorophile takes responsible fashion to a whole new level with their products that are completely organic and environment friendly. Focussing equally on whata��s on-trend, Chlorophilea��s collection includes denims, skirts, tees and tops. a�?While being environmentally conscious, we didna��t want to compromise on style,a�? says Srinivas Dhoddu, managing director.

    A product of London College of Fashion, Dhoddua��s Chlorophile started operations in the UK with an online presence, two years back and was launched in India about five months ago.

    Their spring/summer line features a mix of silhouettes, cuts and colours from flared tops to fitted pieces with graphic prints, drawing inspiration from elements of music, sports and goth. The denims are heavily textured with interesting details and patterns that make for an edgy look. a�?We are one of the very few organic brands who work with denims, as the cost price is almost triple the amount it would be otherwise,a�? says Dhoddu, who hails from Salem.

    Beyond fashion
    The Chlorophile team educatesA� farmers about the trade, providing them with manure, pest control and other necessary equipment to catch up with market requirements. The environmental responsibility extends from their biodegradable bags to something as basic as the buttons they use. a�?Even our buttons are chromium and mercury free,a�? Dhoddu tells us and adds that while organic brands like Do You Speak Green, Samtana and Indigreen are his competitors in India, in the UKA� ita��s labels like Monkey Genes, Switcher and Rapanui. Currently geared towards casual fashion, Dhoddu aims to branch into semi-formal clothing soon. Expected to start retailing in China in the near future, also in the pipeline is a range of baby products.

    Rs. 800 upwards. At Mother Earth, Mantri Mall, Malleswaram. Details: 65472292

    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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