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    With buckwheat and red velvet, the Pancake Project serves up taste and health.

    THE phrase ‘flat as a pancake’ needs serious rethinking. At Park Hyatt, pancakes rise to new levels of elegance as the Dining Room celebrates the surprisingly versatile breakfast staple with a 10-day festival. Admittedly, I’m wondering if the sweet servings might make me feel that I began the day eating dessert, but also curious how different executive chef Teuku Syafrulsyah’s offering might be. So we’re treated to a demo of gluten-free options from the menu. The first ladle-full of batter lands on the pan with a dramatic sizzle. Banana slices with cinnamon tumble in. The Buckwheat Banana Pancake, embellished with fruit and nuts, seems perfect for health fiends who don’t publicly cheat on their diets. But I give the Oatmeal Pancake a miss as it sounds a tad too safe!
    A flamboyant pink batter gets our attention. Our guess (“strawberries?”) is wrong—surprisingly, it’s a Coconut Velvet Pancake. Served with splashes of coconut cream, we’re delightfully confused over which gets our vote—till more variations arrive. “This one’s got organic millet, peach compote and nuts,” says our chef, spooning over a sinful glucose syrup that has a burnt-just-right twist to it. A chorus of exclamations follows. And there’s still the savoury variation with bacon to get reckless with. Just three weeks in Chennai, Chef Teuku is loving the latest stop in his Hyatt adventures around the world—from Indonesia to Dubai to Zanzibar.  Looks like our city is going to love him right back, as he gives the many splendoured pancake its due.
    Till September 18, from 6-10.30 am. Buffet breakfast at Rs 900 plus tax. Details: 71771234

    — Indu Balachandran


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