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Four-month-old GoodMan on ECR offers barbecue and kebab options

Ita��s hard to miss the bold green-and-purple billboard of GoodMan, en route to Mahabalipuram on ECR. At the four-month-old, multi-cuisine restaurant, Aryavrat Vardaan, co-director of the restaurant is bussing tables. From Pondicherry, Vardaan completed his degree in Computer Science from Vivekananda College, but his love for food made him start a restaurant by the same name in his home town, five years ago. a�?Arjunvijay Kumar, a regular customer, sugggested starting a restaurant in Chennai. He had the space, so we started it jointly,a�? says Vardaan.GOODMAN2

Why the name GoodMan? a�?We grind our own spices and source most of our vegetables from a farm in Auroville. Over 75 per cent of our products are organic,a�? says the 28 year old. With an eclectic menu, Vardaan offers grills and barbecues. We start with a mixed kebab platter that has paneer, chicken, fish and pineapple. Vardaan then recommends grilled chicken to my non vegetarian companion, while I choose aloo gobi subji with naan. While the chicken is a bit tough, the aloo gobi is spicy and sure to be a hit. Quench your thirst with some fresh juice or their thick chocolate milk shake. Other interesting options are their broccoli salad, Schezwan fries and grilled zucchini. We notice many ordering the GoodMan biryani, whichA� comes in vegetable, egg, chicken, prawn and lamb. And if you crave some sweet, try the brownie with ice cream.

A meal for two costs Rs 700. Details: 9710754547

-Mrinalini Sundar

(Pics Albin Mathew)


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