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    Stay ahead in the startup race with effective hacks

    The term a�?growth hackera�� is no stranger to the startup and tech space. It was coined by startup advisor and entrepreneur Sean Ellis in a blog post in 2010, where he defines a growth hacker as a a�?person whose true north is growth (of a company/startup). Everything they do is scrutinised by its potential impact on scalable growth.a�?

    Simply put, a growth hacker is a marketing manager with a sound know-how of technology, data analytics, and yes, his product and user experience. His/her job is to look beyond traditional ways of marketing, to understand the digital space (netizens and their behaviour, social metrics and ofcourse a�?dataa�� that drives them all), and devise low-cost, creative campaigns. For a startup, which is in its early stage, a good and often viral word on the Internet, and a solid user base are sometimes more important than funds they score. And thata��s where growth hackers can offer help.

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    Anirudh Narayan

    After working with more than 350 entrepreneurs, and 15 startups in the US, Latin America and Africa, Anirudh Narayan is bringing his expertise in growth hacking, and user acquisition to India. The growth specialist/consultant moved to Bengaluru recently, and has lined up a series of talks and workshops in the city and Mumbai, called Growth Hacking 101. The idea is to help Indian entrepreneurs make the most of the startup revolution by understanding the importance of a�?dataa�� in marketing. Since we are talking about data and numbers, ita��s easier to quantify growth, track it, and better it.

    He has also put together three courses online (on growthspartan.com) a�� a�?Launch Your Ideaa�� for aspiring entrepreneurs, a�?Scale Your Startupa�� for established ones, and a�?Idea to Marketa��, which combines the two.
    Narayan is also writing a book for marketing managers and campaigners. a�?It will focus on how to transition from a digital marketer to a growth hacker. I will also list out examples of some growth hacks, which I will share in my workshops,a�? says the Columbia University graduate. In the past, Narayan has led growth for the popular intensive startup workshop, a�?Lean Startup Machinea��, and Shutterstocka��s educational product, Skillfeed.

    He sums up his plan: a�?I want to see 10,000 entrepreneurs graduate from my course. So that I can create an army of growth specialists who can lead the growth for technology products in India and outside.a�?
    The talk will be held at BHive on February 19 (88822364), and Numa Bengaluru on February 25 (65691530). Entry free.
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