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The pioneer and superstar of EDM brings his intense sound to the citydj david guetta interview

He makes beats, then plays, sleeps, flies and repeats. All in a day’s work for this chart-topping DJ David Guetta, who heads to the city for a gig on Sunday. “That’s my life and indulgence. Making beats. Making people dance,” he says. Ahead of his performance, which will showcase “singles from my current album plus old hits”, we get a glimpse of the genius behind the console.

India as a music destination.
I’m so happy to return to this magical country. The EDM scene has really escalated and I’m very excited to see it. On my last few visits, there wasn’t enough time to explore the country and food! I hope to cover that too!

Listen as a ‘personal’ album.
It is organic and is one of my most personal and challenging albums. It is completely different from anything I’ve done before. All I can say is that it’s completely song-based. There are featured artistes but none that you’d expect with me.
More on the sound.
I have always been drawn to harmonies and emotional music and this album is no exception. I just wanted to push myself to make beats that make people dance.

Favourite DJs.
What’s exciting is to find really talented people who are not necessarily the most famous. Although it is an honour to work with the established famous ones too! I like Avicii, Bastille, John Newman, Natural Born Chillers, Afrojack, Calvin Harris and Nicky Romero.

On collaborations with Sia.
I have been a fan of Sia’s for many years. And Titanium is now the biggest selling record of my career — and has been game-changing for us both! We have plans to make more magic too, of course.

KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2011 - ShowThe effect of your music.
I want to be remembered for the good times. When someone says, “I fell in love dancing to your songs,”, “I met my wife in this club” or “I played your music when I got married”, it touches me, being able to give so much happiness to people.

Your greatest achievement.
Being one of the guys who put a brick in the big house that became ‘our’ music. I started to DJ even before house music, when DJing got us no money! I’m part of the people who made a change which I never thought was gonna be that big.

What does 2015 hold for you?
Experimentation and collaborations. I feel I have a responsibility towards my fans who are inspired by me. The only thing I can do in response is to reinvent myself.

Sunday at Supernova Arena, Off Airpot Road. Tickets (Rs.3,000 upwards) on inside.in
— Aakanksha Devi


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