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The pioneer and superstar of EDM brings his intense sound to the citydj david guetta interview

He makes beats, then plays, sleeps, flies and repeats. All in a daya��s work for this chart-topping DJ David Guetta, who heads to the city for a gig on Sunday. a�?Thata��s my life and indulgence. Making beats. Making people dance,a�? he says. Ahead of his performance, which will showcase a�?singles from my current album plus old hitsa�?, we get a glimpse of the genius behind the console.

India as a music destination.
Ia��m so happy to return to this magical country. The EDM scene has really escalated and Ia��m very excited to see it. On my last few visits, there wasna��t enough time to explore the country and food! I hope to cover that too!

Listen as a a�?personala�� album.
It is organic and is one of my most personal and challenging albums. It is completely different from anything Ia��ve done before. All I can say is that ita��s completely song-based. There are featured artistes but none that youa��d expect with me.
More on the sound.
I have always been drawn to harmonies and emotional music and this album is no exception. I just wanted to push myself to make beats that make people dance.

Favourite DJs.
Whata��s exciting is to find really talented people who are not necessarily the most famous. Although it is an honour to work with the established famous ones too! I like Avicii, Bastille, John Newman, Natural Born Chillers, Afrojack, Calvin Harris and Nicky Romero.

On collaborations with Sia.
I have been a fan of Siaa��s for many years. And Titanium is now the biggest selling record of my career a�� and has been game-changing for us both! We have plans to make more magic too, of course.

KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2011 - ShowThe effect of your music.
I want to be remembered for the good times. When someone says, a�?I fell in love dancing to your songs,a�?, a�?I met my wife in this cluba�? or a�?I played your music when I got marrieda�?, it touches me, being able to give so much happiness to people.

Your greatest achievement.
Being one of the guys who put a brick in the big house that became a�?oura�� music. I started to DJ even before house music, when DJing got us no money! Ia��m part of the people who made a change which I never thought was gonna be that big.

What does 2015 hold for you?
Experimentation and collaborations. I feel I have a responsibility towards my fans who are inspired by me. The only thing I can do in response is to reinvent myself.

Sunday at Supernova Arena, Off Airpot Road. Tickets (Rs.3,000 upwards) on inside.in
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