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Zero oil, dairy and gluten foods get home delivered now

Hyderabada��s streets are forever luring us with food, from the humble masala dosa to the recent additions like momos. Somewhere in between, the health streak has sneaked in. Millet dosas and baked samosas made an entry. I am myself from the trend-setting healthy Hyderabad segment.
Foodies may frown at the concept of healthy options as it screams dairy-free, fat-free and chemical-free. Now counting calories and taking the mental effort to make a healthy choice seems like a lot to deal with, especially after a stressful, work day. On the contrary, as a new convert, I can vouch for having experienced immediate benefits of making healthy food choices. Detox routines, organic food fests, healthy alternatives are the new buzzwords. Jubilee Hills boasts of holistic nutritionists like Sridevi Jasti, the food guru for celebs such as Nagarjuna, Mahesh and his wife Namrata Shirodkar, high profile politicians and socialites.

Ia��ve had the opportunity to reorient my relationship with food-working with her. a�?Healthy eating is not about eating less or dieting, but putting in the right calories into the bodya�?, says Sridevi, who also goes a step further by making the food and delivering them to your door step. Breakfast smoothies, hearty salads and soups and even desserts that are dairy-free, gluten-free contain no white flour or sugar and are not fried.
In fact, Sridevi even recommends cutting down on oil completely in daily cooking and add nuts to get healthy fat into the body. What these changes and the fact that there is no hassle of cooking, Ia��ve started feeling light and bright. I recently stopped by at a organic store to savour its ragi dosas and jowar idlis. It was yummy. All one needs to do is the courage to break conventions and explore healthy and convenient choices so that we can re-engineer our bodies the way nature intended us to be.

(The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)


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