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    What to take home fromA� the Eclectic Fair curated by Manju Mudit and Kavita Kedia

    LOOKING to pick up some home made or organic goodies, but feeling overwhelmed by the pricing at gourmet stores? The Eclectic Fair next week, organised by city-based Manju Mudit, a fashion stylist and psychologist and Kavita Kedia, a fashion designer, has an assortment of organic and handmade products like cupcakes, body care kits, fashion accessories, art and also some garden fresh fruit and vegetables. Plus they come at realistic prices, promise the organisers.

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    The fair that is taking place in Anna Nagar promises to house around 22 stalls with interesting products. Talking about the fair and what to expect from it, Mudit explains,a�?I love the idea of souk markets and I always wanted to organise something similar. When my partner, Kavita, approached me with the idea, I was very excited as our ideas blended well. I came up with the name a�?Eclectica�� because I wanted people to know that the fair will offer products that are authentic and not easily available.a�?Mudit notes that the fair is a platform for entrepreneurs, especially women, to showcase their skills and market their upcomingA� brands. When at the fair, take home some of the hand crafted crochet and polymer clay jewellery by Neenaa��s Antaraa (Rs 150) or savour home baked cupcakes from Elizabeth. Organic batter is also available, at Nandinia��s stall, Phokkisham (Rs 70). The fair also offers vegan mayonnaise and cupcakes by Veggytable (Rs 230). a�?We want to conduct the fair at the end of every month,a�? adds Mudit.On June 26, 8th street, Anna Nagar.Details: 9841608484

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