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    Give your monotonous diet a break with these appetising gluten-free menus

    Itai??i??s a mad rush. Everyoneai??i??s talking, eating, sleeping for fitness. But itai??i??s predominantly the healthy meal that has taken on different forms. From variations of a millet diet, natural protein shakes to gluten-free menus, itai??i??s a fit party out there. While a few restaurants have jumped into the gluten-free relay race, two of Bengaluruai??i??s well-known restaurants, Infinitea Tea Room and Hunan, the Chinese Restaurant, have introduced their versions of the fit menu as well. We check, assess and give you an insight.

    Infinitea Tea Room
    After an active Sunday morning, the gut craved for something filling, and the taste-buds protested the assault of home-made sprouts salad. Thatai??i??s when Infinitea seemed like the place to head to, particularly for their new gluten-free inclusions. ai???I tried all these experimental items on myself for two years before introducing them in the menu,ai??? says founder Gaurav Saria, who lost 25 kilos and is down to a fit 75 on the weighing scale. On the menu are four different full-fibre Nutri Blast

    Smoothies, salads, soups and the carb-free guilt-free lean protein meals.


    We tried an assorted meal of Tea Estate Salad, Spinach Mini Hand Pies, Polenta Sliders and CousCous, interspersed with cups of green tea. The salad was clearly the winner: a mix of Smith apple batons, baby spinach leaves, fresh tomatoes, mesclun, marinated feta, and almond praline with an apple juice vinaigrette, it satiated the fibre requirement. The warm Polenta Sliders are akin to power-packed meals, while the baked pies lightly polished with butter are indulgent. We wound up with a Belgian dark chocolate macaroon ai??i?? made with 69 per cent coverture of cocoa. A delectable meal with zero-guilt.
    `1200++ for two. At Cunningham Road and Indira Nagar. Details: 41148810

    How much is januvia 100 mg Hunan, The Chinese Restaurant
    Chinese and gluten-free, is perhaps a paradox. But those who know the span of authentic Chinese cuisine will appreciate Hunanai??i??s bold step ai??i?? introducing the gluten-free menu. The menu is a mix of salads, steamed preparations, starters, soups, dim sum, curries and includes dishes like Thai Seafood Salad, Salt and Pepper Silken Tofu, Sugarcane Chicken Lollipop, Dynasty Prawns, Hongkong Steamed Seer Fish, Raw Mango Chilli Fish, Cantonese Chicken with Wood Ear Mushrooms and a lot more.

    With such fare on offer, dining any time of the day seemed okay to us, so we chose dinner. We started with the Sugarcane Chicken Lollipop. Minced chicken balls, flattened out and propped on sugarcane skewers, served with honey chilli sauce ai??i?? this dish is a must-have. The perfectly marinated and grilled chicken leaves a smokey after-taste. But the highlight of the evening were the Dynasty Prawns. Marinated with lemon, ginger, chillies and a hint of coriander, these were sweet on the palette but left a spicy trail down the oesophagus. On the list next we tried the Hongkong Steamed Seer Fish ai??i?? slow cooked in its own juice, the tenderness and succulent fish fillet was comforting as much as delectable. So next time we think Chinese, we know gluten-free is a possibility!

    `1500++ for two.
    At Koramangala and New BEL Road. Details: 9066072066
    ai??i?? Ayesha Tabassum


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