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    Jayam Ravi on his latest release and bonding with Arvind Swami

    BE IT playing a tribal forest guard in Peranmai (2009), a boxer in Bhooloham (2015), a zombie-fighting traffic officer in Miruthan (2016) or his own interpretation of a clichAi??d cop role in Thani Oruvan (2015), Jayam Ravi hasnai??i??t been one to shy away from experimentation. So, when the news broke out that the actor would be playing a cop once again in Bogan, we had to ask him, why play a cop again? ai???If youai??i??re asking if I have been stereotyped, I would say, no, not really. What the character does isnai??i??t important, how he is written is,ai??? says the actor with a smile. As his film hits screens this week, we catch up with the Santosh Subramaniam actor to know more.

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    The film, which marks a reunion of sorts of the Engeyum Kadhal teamAi?? (director Lakshmanan and actor Hansika Motwani), also stars veteran actor Arvind Swami, making this Raviai??i??s second association with him after Thani Oruvan (2015). ai???A successful combo working together once again is always nice. But all fun aside, we put in a lot of hard work in this film. It was a tough script to make, but without doubt, everyone ai??i?? the director, the cinematographer, the actors, the producers ai??i?? worked towards the success of the script,ai??? he says. Ravi, who plays Vikram, says that his character has its grey areas and picks the filmai??i??s screenplay as its strong point. While rumours are rife about Bogan being inspired by the Hollywood classic Face/Off, the 36-year-old actor chooses to remain tight-lipped. Prod a bit and heAi?? divulges, ai???There are parts in the film where Arvind Swami (who also plays a cop) and I act out each otherai??i??s characters.ai??? The actor tells us that the duo had sessions where they had toAi?? act out their respective characters, so it was easier for the other person to pick each otherai??i??s personalities up.

    Two to tango
    After the release of Thani Oruvan, much has been said about the bromance between Swami and Ravi. When quizzed about the same, he laughs and says, ai???Heai??i??s certainly like a brother. He has been someone who has always been interested in my progress.ai??? After a successful first association, it was Ravi whoAi?? suggested that the Roja actor come on board for Bogan. Post the script-reading sessions, all doubts were put to rest. ai???After he read the script, he came back and said to me, ai???Now I know why you insisted that I do this film, Ravi. Thank you.ai??i?? That is something I will always remember and cherish,ai??? reminisces the actor, who is currently shooting in Thalakona for Vanamagan, a fantasy action-drama. The actor also has Tik Tik Tik, reportedly the countryai??i??s first space film, where he shares screen space with his son, in the pipeline.

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