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Unwind over DJ Saraha��s brand of rainbowbass

DJ Sarah Farina from Germany is out on her first Asia tour. And tomorrow, she will touch down in Bengaluru, after performing in Seoul, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, and Pune. In that order.
Ask her about the experience in this part of the world, and pat comes the reply, a�?Travelling the world, bringing people together through music, and spreading positive vibes, ita��s been just wonderful. And every tour convinces me of what an amazing universal language music is.a�?
While Farina promises to give EDM lovers in the city the true taste of her a�?rainbowbass musica��, she is also looking forward to her take-away. a�?I dona��t know much about the Indian music scene, so I have asked the promoters of the show to give me a USB stick with music from local artistes so I can educate myself,a�? says a�?the bass queen of Berlina��, whoa��s played alongside DJ Rashad, The Gaslamp Killer, Kode9, David Rodigan, and Om Unit.
Farina is known to blend UK garage, jungle, hiphop and bass in unpredictable ways. She explains her brand of music, a�?Everything in my music a�� from the grooves, BPM (beats per minute) to the energy levels a�� are connected to each other, like the colours of a rainbow. Thata��s the message a�� everything is one.a�?
Meanwhile, she is trying to give back to the underground bass scene of Berlin where she came from. In 2012, she founded a collective/label called Through My Speakers. a�?Ita��s a non-commercial platform for like-minded artistes, (16 for now). Our slogan says it all a�� International music. International subculture. One Love,a�? says Farina, who is looking forward to a session at the Red Bull studio in Berlin in association with her label, post this tour.
May 14. Rs 300 (entry). At Church Street Social. 9.30 pm.
Details: 41713016

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