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    A new community unites men who love beards

    VISHAl Singh always wanted the bearded look. But his nine-year stint in the hospitality industry meant he couldna��t even grow a moustache. In 2013, he switched to fashion retail, and started sporting a little bit of a moustache and stubble. But ita��s when he set up his wedding management company, Ideaz, in Bengaluru last year, that he decided to go all out.
    Today, he proudly wears a seven-inch-long, full yet well-groomed beard. And he is now looking forward to unite bearded brethren across the city, to guide and discuss latest beard styles, grooming techniques and products, apart from the right clothes, accessories and even tattoos to go along with the look.
    Next week, he will hold the official launch of his less-than-a-month-old Facebook community, Bangalore Beard Club (BBC), which currently has seven core members, including a stylist and social worker. Make your way to this Biere Club event, called Beers and Beards!, if you have a beard, and you can network with other men who share your values. You can even take your lady friends along. The purpose is two-fold. At the gathering, Singh will scout for men who fit the BBC mandate, and secondly, proceeds from ticket sales will go towards cricketer Yuvraj Singha��s charity, YouWeCan.
    We asked Singh what the rules are. The 30-year-old says, a�?You must at least have a stubble. The beard should be well-maintained, and not shabby. Importantly, you should have the intent to sport a beard, and groom it. Ita��s a big responsibility.a�?
    Singh, originally from Mumbai, cites his own example. a�?I need an hour every day to groom myself. Earlier, men would get inside the bathroom, lather themselves with soap and shampoo, rinse it off and get out. Now we have different facewashes, shampoos, and gels for facial hair. Then we use hair dryers. Ita��s a lot of work. But once you step out, you command a lot of attention,a�? says Singh, who quite likes the bushy Vikings style, as well as Tyrion Lannistera��s beard and Jon Snowa��s stubble in Game of Thrones.
    BBC has tied up with Enrich salon to help the members perfect their a�?crafta��. Singh has also placed orders for handcrafted combs from Canada. a�?Gone are the days when people would think of bearded men as outlaws (laughs). Ita��s all about being fashion forward. Luckily, many offices have opened up to the idea today.a�?
    June 10. Entry (Rs 700). At Lavelle Road.7.30 pm. Details: facebook.com/BangaloreBeardClub
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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