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    Weai??i??ve got to have a bit of an extended weekend this time around.

    Starting things off was the Lai??i??Oreal Indian Hairdressing awards at ITC Grand Chola, where like a flock of exotic birds, the best in theAi?? business gathered to show us just how inventive they could get.

    Besides the obvious creativity on stage, the audience had us outsiders just asAi?? captivated, sporting some of the most amazing hairstyles weai??i??ve seen. Talk about some serious hairAi?? inspiration.

    While the fashionAi?? bloggers furiously jotted notes, we vowed to do better with our tresses. Apart from a fabulous show by the Lai??i??Oreal dream team, which included a live makeover demo, the crowd went crazy with salons Wink and The Naturals Lounge from Chennai, taking home the trophies.

    The weekend also saw me getting some serious sibling time with my sister Rochelle visiting, to celebrate her birthday.

    Fancy locations were traded in for a ai???home doai??i??, where close friends got to let their hair down, ai???stuff faceai??i?? and indulge in some specially concocted beverages. The highlight of the evening (besides the vindaloo on toast) was a videoAi?? montage of birthday wishes from friends and family, put together by her beau Keith Sequeira.

    Meanwhile, across town, the arts were getting their fair share of attention at two separate venues.

    The IndiEarth XChange festival at The Park received loads of love from Chennai with most of the shows going full with both expatsAi?? and the local ai???artsyai??i?? crowd partying side by side. A perfect picture, considering the fact that this yearai??i??s festival is a tribute to our city and its strength in the face of last yearai??i??s ordeals. Favourites included ai???Identiteai??i?? from Reunion Island and no surprises, a packed house for Nucleya, closing the show.

    And at Art Houz, the swish set had gathered for Three, a photo exhibition by Sharad Haksar. The inauguration saw actor Arvind Swamy doing theAi?? honours, with several popular names on the guest list.

    Thoughts of a lazy Sunday were thrown out the window, ending with ai???Broadway Expressai??i??, a medley of various Broadway classics presented by My Events International. Call me old-fashioned, but Iai??i??m a sucker for musicals, and itai??i??s nice to know that good olai??i?? song and dance has many takers in the city. Music Academy was packed, as the 85 children on stage kept the energy going. Conceptualised by Shalini Singh aka Pop Shalini and directed and choreographed by Jeffery Vardon, the production was one we wonai??i??t soon forget.

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