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    Genetic spirits
    A sequel to the hit horror film, this one is all about answering questions from the past. In 1986, Carl, a medium, tries to discover what is haunting Lorraine Lamberta��s son, Josh. When hypnotised , he realises that Josh is connected to spirits, so he decides make him forget this power, but his past eventually catches up with Josh and his new wife. At 9 pm on Sony Pix.

    City haunting
    Chad Michael Murray stars as Andy Wyrick, who along with his wife Lisa and daughter Heidi, move to a historic mansion in rural Georgia. Heidi befriends a spirit names Mr Gordy, but she also comes across an evil spirit, the station master of the station where their home is built, who is out to get the little girl. Her mother must then accept her supernatural abilities to save her baby. On HBO Hits at 6.20 pm

    Continuing creeps
    Kristi and Dan Rey come home to find
    their house vandalised but their infant son Huntera��s room, untouched. Only the necklace which Kristia��s sister, Katie gave her is missing. It becomes clear that Kristi is possessed so Dan exorcises the ghost into Katie. While he temporarily saves his family, Katie will return for the revenge that the spirit seeks. On Zee Studio at 9 pm


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