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    Actor Riley Smith on hisnew show, Frequency, and the butterfly effect

    WHILE the pilot of the new drama series, Frequency, has won the hearts of sci-fi fans, our attention is on American actor Riley Smith. Last seen in Nashville, Smith’s character here—deceased NYPD officer, Frank Sullivan— communicates with his daughter, Raimy Sullivan (Peyton List), across a 20-year time warp, via a ham radio. The 38-year-old talks about his co-star and how everything was leading up to this show.

    What’s it like working with Peyton List?
    Peyton and I go way back. I actually referred her to Jenni fer Gwar tz and Jeremy Carver, the creators
    of the show. I said, “I know a girl that I work with all the time and I think she’s perfect.” For her screen test, we worked together for three hours.

    What first attracted you to the role?
    I’ve been looking for a lead role that had flaws for a very long time. But those are usually hard to find. When I read this script, I immediately knew, ‘This is the role I’ve been waiting for.’

    Do you relate to the show at a personal level?
    One of the main themes in the show is the butterfly effect, how one action can have so many consequences. Everything happens for a reason and we wouldn’t be here today if we had taken a left instead of a right years ago. For me, I’ve been a journeyman actor who’s done a lot of pilots and a lot of shows that didn’t last long. All that led to this. It feels right.

    Frequency airs on Mondays , at 7 pm, on Colors Infinity

    —Team Indulge


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