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    Art work finds pride of place on silk stoles, tunics and kurtas, thanks to Malaa Treon, the artist behind the label, Art on Silk. An Indian growing up in Uganda and later London, a wide range of cultural influences have shaped her personality, and today Treon even dabbles in music, though art is her main focus. All set to officially launch her portal, on

    May 25, the artist also gears up to introduce her economy line of garments featuring her paintings that have been screen-printed, in contrast to her regular line of directly hand-painted pieces. a�?The whole purpose of this is because when you wear art, more people can see it,a�? begins Treon.
    Based in Pune, the portal will stock saris, drapes, wall hangings and mena��s kurtas too to cater to a wider audience. While her art is usually abstract and floral, she finds the need to try something different, what she calls a�?avenues of deviationa�?. a�?For example, I once created a line from temporal wood and antique coins, dating back 200 to 400 years, compiled on glass with pure gold,a�? she tells us.
    Artistic appeal
    Buyers can expect her multi-hued art on crepe, tussar, habutai and cotton silks. Mainly using white as the backdrop for her brush strokes, the textiles are sourced locally. Treona��s daughter, Rakhi Sethi, handles the designing. a�?We aim to upload a new line every two to three months,a�? shares Treon. From their latest line, we love the trinket scarves a�� scarves combining a vibrant concoction of colours including flaming orange, brick red, aubergine, royal blue and sea green, attached with little decorative chain and bead tassels at the edges. Expected soon is Sethia��s own line of garments focusing on embroidery and silk, though dates are yet to be set.
    `1,500 upwards.
    Details: artonsilk.in
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