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    A new online marketplace, Eazelly.com give artisans a platform to showcase their exquisite products

    When Bengaluru-based Nimrita Genomal started Eazelly.com, along with her sister in law, Sonal Gupta and brother, Angad Singh Ahluwalia (both based in Dubai), little did she know that it would one day turn into an online marketplace for all things handmade. Started last year as a blog, where guest writers would post detailed writeups on unique and interesting finds around the city, it was only last week that Eazelly was relaunched as an e-commerce site, modeled along the lines of Etsy.com. a�?The inspiration for Eazelly stems from the love and passion of discovering of all things unique (and owning them), such as statement pieces that stand out on you or in your home. Our products need to be handmade, a�?heart-madea�� (capturing the entrepreneura��s passion, and ones that have a fascinating back-story), and thoughtfully sourced (personally sourced by an entrepreneur, or a small team, usually from travel or a�?somewhere elsea��),a�? explains Genomal, who also runs a PR firm in the city.
    Essentially a marketplace, where designers or artisans can set up their own e-shop, the website notifies the entrepreneur every time an order is placed. The site also allows them to respond to customers directly, manage their own inventory, and function autonomously. And while shop owners can right now only perform the most basic functions, Genomal clarifies that they will have more control over their e-shops in the days to come. a�?The platform is truly plug and play a�� the artisans doesna��t have to invest a penny to set up a shop! They can just go online, sign up and apply to open a shop. We approve within 48 hours and then, they can start listing and selling to a country-wide audience. Next in line is enabling international orders,a�? she reveals.
    Spanning categories such as Art and Collectibles, Bags and Wallets, Clothing, Edibles, Bath and Body, Furniture and Lighting, and Home, Kitchen and Garden, Genomal highlights some of the brands she personally loves. a�?Paperville a�� a Mumbai-based print and graphic design studio creates thoughtfully paper products. Another really outstanding find is Make Whale, which does customised premium 3D printed products,a�? shares the entrepreneur.
    With 30 eshops and an inventory of over 1,500 products, ita��s not surprising that the website is well on its way to being the go-to platform for unusual gifts and interesting finds.
    a�?A platform like Eazelly means artists can forget about the mundane aspects of running a business and focus on doing the things they love a�� to create, make, and innovate,a�? she signs off.
    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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