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    Ita��s good to see children interested in the medium of radio. After all, they are the future and the present crop can speak much better than some of us grownups! On Childrena��s Day last week, 92.7 Big FMa��s Chennai stationa��s listeners had a delightful experience with kids taking over the radio station! From RJ-ing, to writing and dubbing, children up to 14 years of age were manning and steering the radio station as part of an exclusive campaign called Not Jobs But Passion, an idea conceived by the radio unit.

    This special campaign was initiated with a view to encourage parents to let their children discover and pursue their passion. It was a day-long campaign on Childrena��s Day and drew a lot of smiles from participants, parents and listeners alike, as it was a true and fresh sound.

    92.7 Big FM had started inviting parents earlier to the gig, requesting them to give their children this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a day with experts of radio and discover their talent or natural inclination towards the medium. Big FMa��s presenters did their bit by illustrating to the parents that this was a unique opportunity for their kids to love, learn and explore this medium.

    Depending on the childa��s interest, a stationa��s programming head, copywriter, radio jockey and voice-over artist were shortlisted and trained and thereon the children had their chance to run the station with the 92.7 Big FM team.
    Listeners of the station got an opportunity to enjoy the work of the children and listen to delightful voices as they confidently shared their experience on air about the training they received in the respective fields. Focusing on the fact that parents can initiate the first step by encouraging enthusiastic curiosity and creativity among their children, the campaign aimed to provide an enriching experience to both parents and children about how and what made a radio station tick.

    Big FM has been pulling all the stops and it will be interesting to see how other radio units end this year. See you next week!

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