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    There is a range of interesting cultural workshops andA�performance-based sessions at Jagriti starting this weekend

    Register your energetic offspring for the second edition of the Kids Carnival starting this Saturday at Jagriti Theatre. There are a host of workshops and performances that should keep them going through the remainder of summer. a�?Our aim is to build a platform for kids to learn, experiment and develop a love for the arts,a�? begins Rebecca Spurgeon, who heads the education department at Jagriti. The theme this year centers around building a�?community spirita�� and raising environmental awareness. Look out for a Shakespeare-based quiz, stand-up comedy and a puppet show at the ice breaker session on Saturday (11 am) with juggling and mural making on Sunday (11 am).

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    We zone in on some of the workshop highlights in the week that follows (May 19-23). Create Your Own Fairy Tale is a creative writing session by city-based writer Aparna Raman. Speaking Through the Body, by dancer Anitha Santhanam focuses on body language using tools like visualisation and theatrical improvisation. Fine Art with Poonam Illuri lets budding Picassos connect with three different artists from around the world and actually paint with them. Rajeev Kumara��s Pitch Perfect is for young singers, Sneha Shergilla��s dance choreography, Step-up and Dance, will get your little ones toe tapping nicely, while Kuppuswamy will teach you how to manipulate shadows through eco friendly props.

    Phase two
    The second half of the festival (May 26-30) will see stand up comedy and a theatre workshop (Actor Toolkit). Sanjay Manaktala, whokidslead21 conducts the stand-up comedy sessions, says, a�?It will focus on the importance of timing in comedy, the idea and the skit. We are not looking at making them a�?funny peoplea��, but instilling in them confidence and stage presence.a�? Blow Your Own Trumpet teaches little musicians to build instruments like drums, shakers and didgeridos out of cans or plastic.

    On stage
    You can also catch Rajeev Kumara��s musical session, Unplugged, while Ameen Haque from the The Storywallahs a�?will dish out some old-fashioned wisdom disguised as entertainment complete with singing and props.a�? The grand finale, Yogi and the Dancer, will be a vibrant childrena��s play directed by Arundhati Raja.

    Rs. 2,500 (for five days). At Whitefield. Details: 41248298

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