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    The new Sunday brunch at Olive Beach is all about good food in small plates

    Remember the old Olive Beach brunch? Ita��s history. Whata��s come in its place is a concept that is not just indulgent, but smart as well. Small plates of tapas, appetisers, salads etc, are served on the table, and you dona��t have to jostle at the counters to make sure you get the last plate of your favourite whatever. From something as simple as stuffed omelettes, egg salad on toast with smoked salmon and onions (a beginning put beautifully together), flavoursome arugula salad with blue cheese, orange, radish, and almonds, and of course the irreplaceable fresh oysters that come with mignonette, egg white, Tabasco, and pesto a�� the new brunch has your food being cooked, or put together on the spot. So no wilted greens or soggy appetisers. So get your favourite cocktail (there are quite a few interestingly flavoured martinis) or a glass of sparkling wine, or beer, and settle in.
    Ita��s rather hard to recommend food on a spread such as this. However, the prawns pil pil, which has been on the menu for a while, is a must try, along with the beautifully spiced stir-fried steak cubes. Ita��s got pepper, basil, ginger, hints of lemon grass, and black bean sauce. The pizzas here are still good; a thin crust, slightly crispy at the corners, and topped with pepperoni, chicken or vegetables, dona��t refuse a slice of this one. And try all the salads.
    If youa��ve got the stomach to move on to main course, theya��ve got roast chicken with yorkshire pudding and gravy, grilled fillet steak, pommes puree, and buttered root vegetables with chimichuri, to name a few. But it is the gobindobhog (short grained fragrant rice) risotto that comes as a surprise. Flavoured with kashundi (the spiced mustard relish from Bengal), this one might be an experiment, but it works, and thata��s good enough for me. Yes you must eat dessert, and they come to you in a wooden push cart (what a delightful touch); loaded with macarons, brownies, fruit tarts and so on, these sweet nothings are a perfect way to finish a decadent Sunday afternoon.
    Rs 2,400++ per person .
    At Wood Street.
    Details: 9945565483
    a��Priyadarshini Nandy


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