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    Celebrate Thanksgiving over a grand meal, and herea��s howA�to do it

    If you celebrate Thanksgiving, or just need a reason to eat turkey, here are some of the places where you can find them, and some handy resources if youa��re making it at home:
    Order in
    The Oberoi Hotel will put together a beautifully cooked turkey for you, along with stuffing and sauce. It includes a traditional roast with cranberry sauce or giblet gravy, along with the complete stuffing that includes pine nuts. In fact the stuffing can be customised according to a guesta��s needs. Along with that you get roasted vegetables such as baby carrots, potatoes, yam, greens, etc. A minimum order of full turkey would serve up to 10 persons.
    Rs.15,000 ++. Order by November 22. On MG Road. Details: 25585858

    Give the chef at The Leela Palace a week to put together a whole roast turkey with turkey roulade, bread and chestnut stuffing, serving with cranberry sauce, and gravy.
    Rs.14,000 onwards (for a minimum order of 5 kg bird). Order by November 21.On Old Airport Road. Details: 25211234

    Table talk
    A Thanksgiving dinner is not
    special without a good centerpiece. Here are a few places you can get your centerpiece from:
    ? Floradelic in Bengaluru will design and send you Thanksgiving centerpieces if ordered in
    advance. A medium sized centerpiece at the store costs anywhere between Rs.750 and Rs.1,000. At UB City, Vittal Mallya Road. Details: 40941870
    ? Flaberry has a few designs
    with fresh flowers that will add a touch of tradition and glamour to your table. Rs.1,299 onwards.
    Details: flaberry.com

    Portland Steak House has been taking turkey orders for a while now. What you get here is roast turkey, with herbed walnut stuffing, and orange cranberry sauce and gravy, along with sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Place your order at least 48 hours before Thanksgiving.
    Rs.1,049 ++ (per kg). On Brunton Road. Details: 25593405

    Buy your own
    If youa��re up for the task of cooking your own turkey, there are a few places in the city to source the bird from.
    Chef and Butcher lets you order turkey, found under the special meats section, up to 24 hours in advance. Call them for prices. Details: 42140070
    Foodhall at 1 MG is stocking turkey at Rs.550 per kg. Ita��s a good place to also pick up all your stuffing ingredients too. Details: 22086533

    Handy tips
    Learn how to roast and carve a turkey, and the stuffing, from thekitchn.com as it takes you through the entire process step by step.
    And it also has an instructional video. And here are two smart tips:
    Ways to add flavor to your turkey: Rub your turkey with butter or oil for a richer flavor and browner skin, rub minced herbs or ground spices
    into (or beneath) the skin for more flavor, place a few halved lemons or garlic cloves inside the cavity of the turkey. Stuffing twist: If you want more control over the cooking, rather than tradition, make the stuffing separately from the turkey.

    Meat Buds too
    has fresh turkey (cleaned and uncut) for your Thanksgiving dinner. They will cut it for you too, if you had something else in mind. Rs.1,544 (for a 2kg bird). Details: 69999675.
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