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The American shoe brand has brought in new professional and A�performance based shoes to the city

Sports apparel has got a new address in Hyderabad. The American sport shoe pioneer Skechers has opened its first outlet at Banjara Hills. The 1,400 sq ft showroom is home to a wide range of performance, casual and walking shoes for kids, women and men. From professional running and walking shoes to trendy casuals and flip flops, one can find it all under one roof here. Incidentally, Skechers shoes are super lightweight and have no visible stitch marks.
Under the performance section, the brand offers a wide range of products with different base and technology for men and women. However, the highlight is the Ultra R and Forza series. The Ultra R shoes are made of a base patented for Skechers called Resalyte which provides maximum cushioning, comfort and an added pressure to bounce back. The shoe also has a new feature called the a�?M strikea�� which allows the runner to use his/her mid-heel to push forward, instead of putting pressure on the heels. The upper portion of the shoe is designed with the Fitknit (similar to knitting) material which makes the shoe breathable. It also an outer sole which enables air and water to flow out automatically to make it lightweight.
Speaking of the Forza series, the shoe has been voted as the winner of Competitor Magazine’s Spring 2016 Best Debut Road Running Shoes. It has similar features as compared to the Ultra R. The base here is again made of Resalyte and uses the M strike feature to help use the mid-heel. The shoe, however, does not have the outer sole drainage like Ultra R, but is seamless and has higher abrasion rubber on its sole for sustainable and comfortable running. The shoe also has molded heel counter and inner support strap that helps gives the user a stable and secure fitting.
The kids section also has a wide range of shoes. To begin with, the store has managed to segregate the patterns and design according to the age group – which means that there are normal velcro strap shoes with bright colours and battery attached lights which allows the sole to light up when he/she is walking. The next section have shoes with different soles and inner cushioning with normal colours for a comfortable, yet trendy look.
Besides all these, there are another set of shoes in the store that are made with memory foam and goga mat. Memory foam is hard foam which acts as the inner cushion giving the user a comfortable pressure and then retains its original shape and size. On the other hand, the goga mat is the inner cushion of the shoe which is made of the material that is used for yoga mats.
The store is located opposite TV9 office at Banjara Hills. One can also place an order for any shoe that he/she has seen online. Price range for shoes begin from Rs 4,999 and goes up to Rs 8,999. Details: skechers.com
a�� Nishad Neelambaran


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