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    Melissa Joan Hart opens up about playing a politician and stand-in mother

    A far cry from her days in Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart has graduated to being a well-liked city councilwoman on Melissa and Joey. Playing a motherly role to her niece and nephew, this real mother of three says she brings the exact opposite of reality to the sets. “Mel is not your typical mother, and that is what I actually wanted. I enjoy playing her because everything that I know about being a mom, I try to do the exact opposite,” begins the bubbly actor, who has even directed for the show. “It’s not easy to do both and I can’t do it too much because it’s just exhausting.  Directing is very mental and the acting is very physical. When I’m acting, we have a lot more time to joke around,” Hart shares.
    So who’s the funniest on set?  “Oh, that’s  me, of course! Joey (Lawrence) and I argue over it. But actually Nick Robinson (who plays the nephew Ryder) is quite hilarious; we can’t stop giggling with him,” she tells us, explaining it is the wine-drinking, lush side of Mel that she enjoys.
    Speaking of her co-actor, Joey Lawrence, who plays the nanny and now husband (Joe), Hart says they share a very professional relationship. “We have a lot in common. We’ve known each other since we were kids but the first time we worked together was on My Fake Fiancé and we hit it off well,” she says. Plus, apparently the easy rapport helped greatly in bringing to life their love-hate relationship. “It just added to the chemistry and made us want to continue to work together,” Hart says
    With the series set to end later this year, Hart transforms into her off-screen motherly self saying that she will miss the people the most. “That will be hard to let go of. We’ve all become such a family. We really know how lucky we are to be able to make entertaining a career.  We count our blessings and love to just make people laugh!” she signs off.

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