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The Park Hyatt Hyderabad celebrates Sankranti and Lohri with a special festive menu

Barely two weeks since the champagne was uncorked for New Yearai??i??s eve and the city is back in the festive mood. Although those with a five-day work week are a bit disappointed that Sankranti falls on a Saturday, depriving them of a holiday ai??i?? the popularity of the traditional delicacies, made during this harvest festival, promise to keep spirits high. Head to Park Hyatt Hyderabad, Banjara Hills, to get a taste of the seasonai??i??s fare as the luxury hotel hosts the Sankranti Food Festival at their multi cuisine restaurant The Dining Room. The new head chef, Shashidhar Vijapure, has curated a delightful menu to recreate the authenticity of traditional festive fare. ai???As the festival is celebrated in winter, the menu for the three-day celebration (Bhogi, Sankranti and Kanuma) are those that generate heat in the body. Sweets such as Nuvvula laddu (sesame sweet) is known to do this effectively. The other specialties are also predominantly vegetarian, made of fresh, local produce,ai??? the chef informs.

The buffet spread for both lunch and dinner include Southern delicacies such as pongal, pulihora, mamidikai-pulusu (a tangy mango sambar), kosambiri (salad made of soaked dal) and thayir vadai. ai???The entire country celebrates the harvest festival. So I have also included dishes from up North too,ai??? informs Vijapure, who moved to Hyderabad a month ago after a stint at the Leela Palace in Chennai. Including staples from Punjab and Gujarat ai??i?? like the Surathiundhiyu (mixed vegetable fare) and Sarson ka saag (mustard leaves curry) ai??i?? the chef promises that their menu covers not just Sankranti and Pongal, but also Lohri this season. Festive and indulgent, the desserts include traditional dishes like Holigae (a sweet bread) served with badam milk and Khuskhusi payasa (a viscous milk preparation made of poppy seeds).

Ends tomorrow, at Rs 1,300 ++ taxes per person for lunch, Rs 1,500 per person for dinner Details: 49491234

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