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    The ups and downs of the online world meet cyber marketing and airport antics

    Unsocial networking
    Look Up, a short film by Gary Turk, already has 40 million hits on YouTube. Through hard hitting yet simple rhyme, Turk teaches us a lesson about being caught up with technology and social media, ignoring reality and emotion. The narration is a love story where a young man is lost and asks a girl for help. They then go on to be married and live happily ever after. But the video documents what would not have been, had a mobile app been used instead.

    Airport fitness
    It was a regular day at Kempegowda International Airport with passengers waiting at the luggage carousel until a message says the belt has stopped working. It urges passengers to get it moving by riding six stationary bicycles hooked up to the power grid. A young lad goes up and starts pedaling and the carousel gets moving. Slowly, more people join in and get the belt working again. The initiative, by Sunfeast Farmlite, also sees packets of biscuits for all to pick up.

    Scoring goals
    McDonalda��s leaves out star players in favour of regular fans with fine football skills. It follows a boy, a teenager, a young man, a dolled up girl and an elderly man as they score a�?goalsa��. The goals in question range from the town bell tower, a window, a moving target and a pot atop a volunteera��s head. The video, (McDonalda��s GOL!) filled with amusing and amazing trick shots, should set you in the mood for the World Cup.

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