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We dare you to ride on these eerie roads

LEGEND lends a certain mystique to roads with a high incidence of unexplained accidents. We always recommend caution when driving, but on these routes we urge you to remain most alert.

Chennai-Puducherry Highway
This smooth, tree-lined, two-lane highway looks tempting
enough for you to want to floor the gas. The gorgeous setting,
however, is tainted with reported sightings of an apparition
associated with stories of an accident on this very road that
lead to the tragic death of a girl who now wanders the road
near Kalpakkam as the famed ‘lady in white’.

hi2NH209, Tamil Nadu
A road that winds through the deep woods of Sathyamangalam is bound
to have its share of supernatural sightings. And the fact that the forest
was once home to the notorious bandit, Veerappan, only adds weight to
the stories of floating lights and blood-curdling screams in the night.
The sanctuary, meanwhile, is great for spotting black bucks, deer, sloth
bears, hyenas and other wildlife.



hi3Mumbai-Goa Highway
Pragmatic drivers will tell you that the accidents can be attributed
to the winding, treacherous nature of the Kashedi Ghat
stretch, abundant with tight turns and blind curves. Or maybe
the verdant scenery distracts from the driving. But there are
those who relate spooky tales of a ghostly aberration that
stops cars or causes mysterious breakdowns. Tales of belongings
mysteriously disappearing from cars are also reported.


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