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    A new show documents quirky couples and their romantic tales

    Bindass is getting into a romantic mood this summer with the launch of a new show called Love By Chance. The show, hosted by comedian Kavi Shastri, will feature 26 love stories that take you back to the beginning of when love began to blossom.
    According to Shastri, who is making a return to television after five years, the show will appeal to people of all ages. a�?It isna��t only for young couples but also for anyone who has ever been in love,a�? says the host, adding, a�?and what is amazing about the show is that it is not lewd or sexual. You can watch with your nani and even her nani, without anyone getting awkward.a�?

    OTBAnchor1A refreshing change from the usual saas-bahu soaps that drag women into a seemingly unending darkness, this show will focus on the positives of love and how to overcome issues that trouble a relationship. a�?The episodes talk about love being found in strange places, when least expected,a�? shares Shastri, referencing the adverts on-air that show a boy who gets hit by a truck on which a female doctor is travelling and the two get together. Another example is of a girl running away from her wedding, meeting up with a guy who has been mistakenly kidnapped, and then being in the same getaway car. a�?Ita��s really different because the core is real. Anyone who watches will be able to relate in some way to the experience of the lovers on screen,a�? he tells us.

    Both sides of love
    The stories of Love By Chance are all inspired by real-life stories and hope to strike a chord with both the current and older generation. a�?What I really like about the show is that there is no forced love story, it actually just happens. It is not only about heart break but is a very positive take on even love that hits choppy waters. It is about innocent love that is far from the nonsensical drama we are usually shown on television,a�? says Shastri who will be playing the sutradhaar (link) to all the tales and will introduce the audience to the characters in his own quirky and unique method.

    The show premiers on May 31 at 7pm.

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