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    Jaishri Raoa��s new salon is all about making men and women more than capable of handling their hair woes

    Taking styling to another level is a catchphrase that most stylists rattle off when asked what sets their establishment apart from the rest. But Jaishri Rao, one of the citya��s most popular hair stylists, could be taken at her word. After wielding her scissors at top addresses like Style Mantra and Radisson Blu, Rao started her own salon, Jaishri, in R A Puram a few months ago, and promises a one-stop-destination to tackle all your hair woes and grooming doubts.

    Jaishri21Following the lady
    a�?Currently we offer all services, from mani-pedis and facials to hair styling and colour. My signature is my personal toucha��all my services are tailor-made to the clienta��s requirements. I listen to them and give practical advice. And if I feel something wona��t work, I tell them honestlya��even if it means theya��ll take their business somewhere else,a�? Rao says. A testimony to her expertise and popularity is the number of clients who have followed her from salon to salon over the years. a�?Now they are all here at Jaishri,a�? she laughs.
    The salona��s ambience is yet another trump card. a�?It is a mix of Indian and Western elements, infused with a lot of humour,a�? she says, not revealing too much as she wants her clients to be surprised when they walk in.

    Finishing school
    After being a part of the beauty industry for 11 years, the 35-year-old now wants to go beyond just a salon. a�?Ia��ve started an academy where I teach hair cutting and hairstyling,a�? she says. Next up are plans to help Chennaiites put their best foot forward. a�?I plan to start grooming workshops and sessions on styling solutions,a�? says Rao, who believes everyone would love to be shown what to do, especially when they make a transitiona��from college to the work force or from one job to another. a�?I will rope in fashion stylists and image consultants too, because it is not only hair and makeup; ita��s also about clothes, accessorising, presentation and how you carry yourself,a�? she adds.

    Open from 10 am to 8 pm. Facials from Rs. 900 onwards and hair cuts for women from Rs. 1,200 onwards. Details: 43535636

    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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