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    At Udbhavam 2014, learn how meditation and Bharatanatyam complement each other

    You dona��t often hear Bharatanatyam and meditation spoken of in the same breath. But thata��s exactly what dancer Mala Bharath will be offering women in her upcoming workshop, Udbhavam 2014. The annual event will give the 100-odd participants a two-hour version of Athma Laya (her therapy technique that combines dance and meditation). a�?It has to be treated as an unwinding session rather than a dance class,a�? says Bharath.
    A professional dancer for nearly four decades, Bharath started Athma Laya in 1998 when she wanted to do something other than her nine to five corporate job. A chance meditation session by Infinitheism in a��98 got her thinking. a�?When you dance, you leave your troubles behind. So I combined it with meditation to make it really productive,a�? she says.

    Finding expression
    Athma Laya incorporates Bharatanatyam stepsa��on a specific topic picked on the spota��with a meditation session. This combination helps one think clearly, says Bharath. a�?It lowers your BP and gives you clarity. And for some, the dancing helps them express themselves in ways they would not have otherwise,a�? she says. It also benefits those with psychological problems. a�?The classes help people calm down, which helps them sleep better and handle their problems better. It is spiritual healing,a�? she says, adding that the dancing is simple enough that even non-dancers can pick up the moves easily.
    Tomorrow, from 5 pm – 7 pm , at Tattvaloka Hall, Teynampet. Details: 98849 53013

    -Janane Venkatraman


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