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    The latest in the wellness department, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy a gentle and subtle whole body approach, is meant to be a human experience which works on the core. Following a recent introduction talk with Simon Gosling, a practicing Biodynamic Cranioa��sacral therapist for 17 years, Mirai Rao, his student and certified trainer, tells us that the hands-on therapy releases tensions, eases pain and encourages the body to balance and heal on its own. a�?We use touch as a way of communicating and listening. The focus is on exploring sensations and the nature of being in a body. The practitioner tunes into health rather than disease,a�? begins Rao, adding that they try to get you back to the original balance of health rather than treat a specific disease, making it a positive form of treatment.
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    a�?It is an empathetic therapy using palpation (touch), to feel the tissues and organs form the outside. Then we use perception to actually diagnose where the problem lies through intuition and sense,a�? says the health expert who is also a qualified yoga and spin instructor, with 200 case studies in BCST under her belt. a�?We help people with auto-immune diseases, muscular pain, sports injuries, allergies, sinusitis, digestive or sleep problems, migrains and even dental and eye-sight problems, in addition to depression,a�? she explains, emphasising that it is safe for pregnant women, children and even babies. a�?It calms the sympathetic nervous system and in even three sessions youa��ll feel the difference.a�?
    If youa��d like to be a practitioner, Gosling, who studied with Franklyn Sills, a pioneer in biodynamic craniosacral therapy, will be hosting a two-year course starting in 2016 in the city. Registrations are already open as there are only 50 spots available.
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