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    paul walker fast furious 7

    A President takes a�?normala�� selfies, a trailer tugs at heart strings and a girl dates fast

    One last ride
    With a staggering 55,329,603 views, Fast Seven has left fans reeling with emotion and excitement. The franchise sees Vin Diesel, the late Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson reprise their roles, and are back to their old antics. Jason Statham joins the cast as a baddie. Caleb Walker, Paula��s brother steps in as Brian Oa��Connor for some parts of the film that were shot post the fatal crash of Paul. With stunts like never before, this one is set to hit the screen in April with great promise.
    Speed dating
    Team Ford Mustang takes speed dating to a whole new level by pranking unsuspecting men. Meeting for a blind date, the men get in the car with a charming lady, not knowing she is a professional stunt driver. Some brag about their own adventures, others are happy to just chat and a few try to explain when she should change gears. But the singletons are in for a real surprise when the banter gets boring and she dips off into an empty parking lot to take the dates for the ride of their lives.
    Health first
    BuzzFeed turns President Obama into a viral sensation. They apparently had 10 minutes with the most powerful man, and got him to be like just a regular one. From shooting imaginary hoops and doodling his wifea��s photo to wearing sunglasses (a jibe at Joe Biden) and trying to correctly pronounce February, it is all to convince the youth to sign up for healthcare. And with 32 million hits, it must be a real successful attempt.
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