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Preeti Shenoya��s A�latest book looks at unfulfilled love, loss and the pressures of married life

Making the list of Forbesa�� 100 most influential celebrities in India for the second consecutive year, Preeti Shenoy launches her latest book, The One You Cannot Have.A�Having risen steadily up the literary ladder after she started a blog in 2006, the mother of two takes from real life incidents and familiar places in her fiction writing. Now five books old and many more columns down, Shenoy is highly reputed in Indian literary circles.

Seeking closure
Her latest release is the story of Aman, still passionately in love with his long term girlfriend, Shruti, now married to Rishabh, a boy chosen for her by her parents.A�With 60 per cent of the book written from the male protagonista��s point of view, the story was inspired by the endless emails Shenoy received from heart-broken boys.A�a�?Young men constantly write to me about broken relationships and the pain theya��re going through. Thata��s where I got the idea for the novel from,a�? she shares.

Bangalore connect
Set in Bangalore and Mumbai, the story of complicated love brings out the contrast between the two cities quite effectively and astutely portrayed the dynamics of modern day relationships.
a�?People in Bangalore and Mumbai will be able to relate to this book easily as I have referred to a lot of popular hangouts and landmarks in the two cities,a�? Shenoy says.

Moving on
Dealing mainly with themes like break ups, moving on, career, friendship and family problems, the novel also talks about core underlying issues like overcoming obstacles, fighting against all odds and hope. a�?Ita��s an inspirational love story. Personally, I believe that everyone has that one person that they cannot have but they must not dwell on it. The people who have read it have told me that it has helped them with their relationship issues and made them realise that life goes on no matter what,a�? says the full-time mother of two.

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