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The new menu at Deccan Pavilion focuses on fresh, local produce

With the trend shifting towards the indigenous instead of exotic, go locavore. They are the ones who believe in consuming local produce. The new menu at Deccan Pavilion, ITC Kakatiya, moves away from frozen ingredients to embrace the trend. Expect a finely curated lineup of dishes that incorporate generous amounts of local produce. From cold-pressed morning energisers to Tarkari Ki Luqmi ai??i?? Rikabdarai??i??s (a farrier) ai??i?? version of the European Puff, the restaurant offers a melange of delicacies to choose from.

On your plate

The infographics on the opening page of the menu booklet help you understand if the fish served to you is fished too often, under threat or easily
available. Informs one of the curators chef Vishal Baliga, ai???That way you know what is coming on your plate. For example, when we say over-fished, we mean tuna and basa.ai??? And itai??i??s not just the aquatic food. Thereai??i??s plenty of vegetarian delights as well prepared from the local produce. Whatai??i??s interesting is that the menu isnai??i??t
monotonous ai??i?? there are specialties like Chicken Stroganoff, Artisanal Pasta and Classic Shepherdai??i??s Pie as well. What adds to the variety are dishes like Tarkari Ki Luqmi, prepared with local vegetables, and not mutton without which this flaky pastry can otherwise not be imagined. ai???For breakfast too, we use only free-range eggs in poached, scrambled and fried forms,ai??? adds the chef.

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We tasted Burrata with Anise-Poached Pears. The globule gives way to thick cream and tasted delicious with pears soaked in wine with anise, currant celery pistou and rucola. While the flavour lingered, we were soon enjoying the Lamb Rib and Broad Bean Tagine. The meat was tender, succulent and had taken well to the stewed apricots and mint couscous added. Singaporean Laksa with its rice noodles, shrimps, chunks of fish and chicken made for a wonderful dish when combined with coconut soup and half a boiled egg. The best use of local ingredients was in the Chocolate Fudge. We savoured the nutty delight with caramel sauce that contained jaggery. Other than these dishes we also liked the Grilled Haloumi. Not many know about this variety of salted cheese that is imported from Turkey. It was served along with roasted bell peppers served and tomato chutney. The flavours of the chutney remind you of a Mediterranean mezze platter. Now that tells you why the same is quite popular in the Middle East. Since the salt content is high in this cheese, one needs to acquire a taste for it. But the layers of flavours that it offers is worth savouring. Price: Rs 2,000++ per head. Details: 23400132.

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