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    One thing is for sure, this city is madly in love. A few days back, I tuned into Radio City after 9 pm and experienced a show that is probably one-of-a-kind on the air waves. Called Love Guru, it is hosted by RJ Rajavel and is a marathon on-air as it winds up at 1 am. The love angle is a delicate one to handle, as each one of us has varied thoughts and opinions on relationships. It takes some doing to find middle ground and communicate sensibly to the listener.
    From what I heard and understood, the show was not about how to fall in love (thank God for that), but rather about maintaining healthy relationships. The soundscape is neatly demarcated during the four hoursa��the first two hours dedicated to interactions with listeners on topics about love and relationships; a story section takes up the third hour; and the show makes it to the finish line with emails and SMSes from listeners, sprinkled with the love gurua��s advice.
    There is an interesting movement happening off-air, too, thanks to the showa��all about sharing, giving and helping. Listeners have taken a front seat on this by raising fees for blind students, helping out at blood donation camps, and rehabilitating those who have tried committing suicide. The show has saved close to a hundred individuals from committing the act.
    Now leta��sA� get down to the numbers: if you have an aching love issue or want advice on relationships, then call 18001234650 and love guru will sort you out. The toll free number was created because of the huge response the show attracted and Love Guru has received a whopping four lakh calls and counting, till date. Thata��s a massive number to achieve in a short span of time. Romance and retro are surely the most wanted on the listener wish list and Radio City is giving them exactly that. See you next week!

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    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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