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    A cool campaign that helps you make a four-legged friend for life

    Among the many compelling reasons to adopt a pet from an animal shelter (besides the fact that you will be saving a deserving dog or cat from languishing in one or being put to sleep), one is that it is much less expensive than buying a pet from a a�?puppy milla�� or even getting one free, thanks to the services provided by the shelter or rescue group. Animals from most groups are already spayed or neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and often bathed and treated for fleas, hence the adoption fee is a real bargain. A campaign called Build A Bond, by The Himalaya Drug Company in association with CUPA, hopes to drive home this point and will take five dogs under their wing at CUPAa��s Second Chance Adoption Center located at the Silk Board Junction, and fund their expenses for three months, starting Monday. The goal a�� to find a safe and loving home, encourage people to adopt and even volunteer their time at shelters. a�?We hope to reduce the stigma associated with adopting dogs, especially the cross-bred Indidog a�� a hardy, affectionate, loyal breed that needs our support,a�? says Praveen Kala, one of the organisers. Five of the shortlisted dogs in the programme include Indidogs (Percy, Sally, Miley), a four-year-old Spitz Yoko, and Bheema, a lovely two-year-old St Bernard.

    Reaching out
    The Himalaya Companion Care page on Facebook has an app that will let users take a pledge. For every pledge, Himalaya donates one rupee to CUPA. The event also uses videos and info graphics of these five homeless dogs, for a more personal appeal.

    Log on to facebook.com/HimalayaCompanionCare.
    Details: 22947305

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