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    Apps to help you cut through long queues at hospitals

    You no longer have to spend hours locating the right doctor or wait in long queues for appointments. These apps hold the solution for all your ailments.
    DrBond: An app by Chennai-based IT company Swaas Systems, it was launched onA� November 1. It helps doctors and patients share medical reports with each other. With access to a drug index of over 150,000 brands, it also updates doctors on the progress in the field of medicine. Available on Google Play, and in the App Store in a week. Details: crm@dr-bond.com
    MeraDoctor: Launched this February, this chat service (much like WhatsApp for doctor-patient interaction) is an extension ofA�mera-doctor.com, a health care call-centre facility (founded in 2011) by Harvard graduate Dr Ajay Nair and Gautam Ivatury. Once you state your query, you will be connected directly to a doctor specialising in the field, who will take note of your symptoms and medical history and tell you what to do. You can also share medical reports and book lab tests. A new feature (launched last week) lets users chat with each other and also invite doctors into the discussion to clarify doubts. Available on Google Play. Details: feedback@meradoctor.com.
    Qikwell: A spin-off of qikwell.com, the website launched in 2011 by Krishna Prasad Chitrapura (IIT Bombay) and Raghavendra TS (Bangalore University), the app helps patients search for, book and manage appointments with doctors. Its a�?Doctor is Outa�� feature lets users know about the availability of doctors and if their appointments have been postponed or cancelled. Their newly-introduced Qweets feature allows patients to have text follow-ups with doctors, too, after a visit. Available on Google Play and the App Store. Details: 8049114922
    a��Sneha Jalan
    Disclaimer: Readers are advised to make their own assessment before using the service


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