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    The list of top class DJs making India their pitstop gets longer this November. Grammy nominee, producer and DJ Thomas Olsen, better known as Tommy Trash performs tomorrow at Geoffrey’s lawns, Royal Orchid Hotel. Speaking to one of the country’s premier DJs and Tommy’s fan, Nikhil Chinapa, he says, “Tommy Trash is a rare breed of DJs with amazing energy and a crowd friendly sound.

    I’m excited to see his enthusiasm and stage presence complement that of our fans here. More importantly, it is going to be super fun to watch Bangalore erupt when Tommy Trash plays Reload, arguably the most popular track around after Don’t you worry child.”

    Rohit Barker is excited to open for Tommy Trash. Speaking of this ‘incredible’ ride, Barker says he is excited to be playing alongside Tommy Trash. “I know this is going to be one hell of a night, because the whole country knows we, Bangaloreans, know how to party. What better place to show Tommy what India is made of than home,” he enthuses.

    So is Bangalore now becoming the EDM capital after holding on to the title of being the rock capital? Quite honestly, even DNA Networks’ legendary Rock in India has taken a back seat and the organisers are promoting Hardwell and SoundAwake. This is certainly impressive and brings in  the much needed professionalism among the industry players.

    This is IndigoLive’s first large EDM gig after presenting Snoop Dogg in Pune and New Delhi. Sanjay Prabhu, COO of Indigo Live says,“Tommy Trash is the first DJ we are bringing to India and with this we have embarked on a journey that will weave EDM into the current live music craze that India is going through. IndigoLive has showcased an unbelievable experience with Snoop Dogg earlier this year. We are looking forward to offer similar experiences through our live music presentation.”

    And despite the bizarre deadlines and strange dance laws, the city, as always, finds a way to have fun and prove that we built this city on rock and roll. Nothing’s gonna stop us now, I say!

    – m trigam.m@jupitermail.in

    Trigam Mukherjee

    Trigam Mukherjee

    Trigam Mukherjee is a communications and events specialist with Radio Indigo


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