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    The Roaring Riders celebrate International Jawa Day with a display of bikes and discourse on choosing helmets

    For once, ita��s not the Royal Enfields and Harley-Davidsons in the spotlight and we are pleased. This Sunday, the Roaring Riders motorcycle club is rounding up proud owners of the iconic Jawa and Yezdi that ruled the roads in the 60s, to celebrate International Jawa Day. Roaring Riders, that was founded by Srinivasan Kasyap along with four other friends in 2003, has been observing this day for the sixth consecutive year. a�?We usually do a ride to places like Mahabalipuram or Yelagiri. But this year, thereIMG-20150706-WA0012 are too many bikes, so we are organising a display of the bikes instead,a�? says Kasyap, adding that pretty much every model of Jawa or Yezdi produced between 1961 to 1996 will be seen at the parking lot of SPI Cinemas. Coupled with this are guest speeches on the bikes and road safety.
    With wearing helmets being mandatory in the city now, Aurovrata Venet, one of the members of the club, will give a short discourse on how to choose the right one. a�?I got my license in London and there you are given a brief about choosing a helmet and maintaining it. And given that there are too many helmets with minimal padding in the market here, ita��s importatnt to know how to choose one properly,a�? shares Venet, whose 15-minute discourse will shed light on the various certifications, components of a helmet and how to Aurovrata-Venetmaintain them. a�?If youa��re buying an Indian brand, Vega has good packing and Studds is starting to export, so their quality is increasing,a�? says the owner of a 96 Yezdi Roadking. But if you are really looking for a good range (like carbon fibre helmets) and dona��t mind spending, he suggests shopping for helmets in Singapore, as an imported carbon fibre helmet will be upwards of `10,000 in India. a�?But do not buy online unless they will send several sizes that you can try and return. Getting the right fit is very important,a�? he signs off.
    On Sunday, from 8 am at SPI Cinemas parking lot. Details: facebook.com/pages/Roaring-Riders-Yezdi-Jawa-Club-Chennai

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