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With examples of success or unorthodox tactics like reverse psychology, staying inspired has never been easier. Tapping into community advice and personalised therapists, these apps bring mental, physical and psychological coaching to your mobile device. So be it a little niggle or a bad habit, these apps aim to boost your spirits.
By Aakanksha Devi and Rashmi Rajagopal

From reverse coaching to gentle nudges and worldly advice, life coach apps target those wedded to the smartphone

Earlier Lift, Coach.me taps into the community to coach those who need a little push in life. With over two lakh happy users, it might just be the right app. Apart from helping you reach your goals, it will reinforce you with encouraging messages. You even have specific communities for those with the same troubles. Free on Android and iOS but professional in-app coaching is `1,000. Details: coach.me

This one by TNM Coaching helps you actually learn to solve problems rather than just superficially attempting to make you feel better. The pro version, an update from the original 2011 app, is more useful as it helps you see a problem or even just a daily situation from a different point of view. Tap into their base of 800 frequently asked question or read through inspirational quotes to lift your spirits. Details: itunes.apple.com

Life Balance
This app, by Massachusetts-based Llamagraphics, is designed to keep you focused and help complete tasks as per a set timeline to give you more time to relax and have fun. The app is built around an outline of life goals, such as a�?Organise Householda��, a�?Take care of myselfa�� and a�?Earn a living,a�� which are further broken down into smaller tasks, like a�?Go for a runa�� or a�?Rearrange the closet,a�� that ultimately takes you closer to achieving larger goals. Details: llamagraphics.com

Aimed at making a�?therapya�� affordable and available to all, Talkspace, now celebrating its first anniversary, lets you discuss your problems with an online therapist. Be it relationship stress, career problems, weight or even clinical anxiety and depression, you can get online (for a varying price depending on subscription, and completely securely) and have real-time conversations which will help you overcome day-to-day challenges. If youa��re worrying about the authenticity of the therapists, be assured that they have been trained officially and are also monitored. `1,500 upwards a week. Details: talkspace.com

Seattle-based Welltok has made living a wholesome, focus-driven life more fun with a game-based app. In the interface, the tree represents the life you want and the goal is to keep it healthy with sun and rain (a balance of happy and sad times). While the app started out in 2008, it continues to add in-app features periodically, the other popular ones being Momentum and Juice.
Details: mindbloom.com

By the group Blast Theory, crowd-funded app Karen started as a social experiment earlier this year. It uses reverse-psychology to help you. She starts by getting your outlook on the world, and then begins to ask you for advice. You are profiled based on your responses. She sends messages to you and leaves you strangely dependent on her, to help her. You get a report at the end, which teaches you how science of profiling has been used to your benefit. Details: blasttheory.co.uk

Way of Life
Based completely on habits a�� breaking bad ones and developing good ones, this one provides users a quick and easy way for a stab at a well-balanced life. You can set a list of parametres or habits that you intend to follow, like a�?Drink watera��, a�?Exercisea��, a�?Reada�� or a�?No Sodaa�� for a few days a week or for all seven days. But as in all other apps, it only helps if youa��re honest with yourself. With bar graphs, pie charts and scoreboards, it also archives completed goals. The app was launched in 2012. Details: wayoflifeapp.com

Scientifically created in 2012 to help
those who want to get rid of negative
thoughts, Happify has turned its advice into a series of activities and games which train the mind to be positive, and builds skills which will retain happiness. Starting out, youa��ll have to answer a few thought-provoking questions about your life and goals, before it suggests a�?tracksa�� for you. Each track contains mini quizzes, games and activities to push you towards positive thoughts. On iOS devices. `600 upwards a month. Details: happify.com



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