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    Get a handle on common household jobs with this new app

    Ita��s easy to get a house messy. A job that takes you on the road frequently, a few guests spending the weekend, or even a great party, can ensure that. Whata��s more difficult to come by is the time, patience and help to get it clean again. Come March 1, a new service app, InztaHelp, promises to step in.
    The brainchild of friends Lenin Neelamegam, Vijay Anand and Urmi Santra, it offers the services of household helps who are trained in basic and deep cleaning jobs. a�?We have 30 people on our payroll. Twenty of them are women who specialise in basic cleaning like sweeping, mopping and laundry, while the remaining are men who do tougher jobs like deep toilet washing, cleaning of ceilings, doors, porticos, etc,a�? says Neelamegam.
    Their staff are trained by Vijay Sarathi, a housekeeper with over 15 years of experience in hotels like Grand Palace and Marriott in Chennai. a�?He has trained our people in areas like basic grooming, use of chemicals and the proper manner of cleaning. For example, hea��s even told them from which corner to start when mopping the floor,a�? he says, assuring that the a�?chemicals we use are standard liquids from brands like Lizol, Harpic and Cifa�?.
    To monitor the staff, they have been provided with smartphones where they input their time of commencement and the end of each of assignment. a�?We recently got a feedback from a client during our trials, about a helper entering their home with dirty shoes. To prevent this, we have now provided them with disposable leg masks, which they slip on before entering a customera��s home,a�? he shares.
    InztaHelpa��s services will include plumbing and electrical services by the end of March.
    Services starting from Rs 200 onwards (for an hour). Details: inztahelp.com

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