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A reliable pediatrician for the most part can solve all your problems. But are you able to get all your answers in that time allotted to you? Like for instance, queries like, a�?How much TV can my child watch?a�? Or even your unending doubts on vaccination time, treating coughs and cold or nutrition. True, you have a handful of certified websites like kidshealth.org, pediatriconcall.com to help you with instant solutions. So what makes this new childcare website by Chennai-based Paediatrician and specialist in adolescent medicine, Dr Priya Chandrasekhar, different? Her yet-to-be-launched indirachildcare.com is said to be the first ever website endorsed by a pediatrician in India.

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a�?With transformations in lifestyle, parenting in India is no longer simple. It will also serve as an easy and dynamic connect to parents who constantly need support in child care but do not know whom to go to.You can mail me any question about childcare and you will get a solution. Very often parents go blank when facing emergencies like nose bleeding, choking, etc. That is where we come in,a�? offers Dr Priya.They have pages dedicated for those between the age group of 0 and 18 that covers general health, growth and development, infections, emotions and behaviour, first aid and safety. Other highlights include a chart on nutrition for those till the age of three, clarifying myths about adolescence and providing links to specific videos on YouTube regarding any healthissues your child is having. The website is scheduled to launch on Oct 23. Details: doctorpriyac@gmail.com

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