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    In its 14th edition, the Duchess All Womena��s car rally will see participants from the city go back in time

    THIS Sunday will see several ladies at the wheel, testing their navigation skills andA� their knowledge of the city. The annual Duchess All Womena��s Car Rally is coming up and the theme this year is From Madras to Chennai, an exploration of the citya��s heritage. The Duchess Club, launched in 2002 by Nina Reddy, Rathi Nilakantan, Anu Agrawal, Sujatha Mundhra and Anuradha Sachdev, focuses on empowering women. The same year in July the Club started the All Woman Car Rally, which is now in its 13th year. a�?My passion for driving led to the idea of starting a car rally for women, to give them the opportunity to display their driving skills,a�? says Reddy, who is also the executive director of Savera Hotel. With around 70-80 teams signing up, each team will comprise of a maximum of four members, who will also be given a questionnaire to test their ability to spot landmarks enroute.
    At 25, Shilpa Hinduja is one of the youngest participants of the car rally. a�?Travelling on unknown routes and tackling traffic, has helped improve my patience,a�? she says. Preeti Damini, 43, a regular participant at the rally, is looking forward to reading up on heritage sites. Another regular participant and navigator, Hamsa Rani, 62, also expresses excitement over the theme.
    The 14th edition of the rally will be held in three categories and is open to cars of all categories, including jeeps.
    On July 5, starting from Savera Hotel, at 9 am. Registration fee Rs 1,000 per team (inclusive of lunch). Details: 9841288631

    a�� Mayuri J Ravi


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